Lindsay Lohan Headed to Jail

A judge ruled that troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is going back to jail, but she'll only serve 20 percent of her sentence. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Lindsay Lohan smiled in court today because a judge didn't throw the book at her – this time.

Lohan was sentenced to 30 days in jail for violating probation, but will actually wind up serving just six days, 20 percent of the sentence, because of jail overcrowding.

She wore a conservative black dress with white polka dots, not showing even a hint of cleavage, for her court appearance.  

Lohan swept into the courtroom just moments before the hearing began, looking healthier and more glamorous than she has in months.

The judge spoke to her slowly and deliberately, almost as a parent would to a child:  

"If there's any violation, I will revoke probation and put a warrant out for your arrest," the judge told her. "From what I can see of you, you need a structure."

Lohan will have to report to jail in one week.