Couple Dies Together Holding Hands After 72 Years

INSIDE EDITION has the heartwarming story of a husband and wife who were married for 72 years and even in their final moments they stayed together.

Kim Kardashian's marriage lasted only 72 days, and some are saying it makes a mockery of the institution.

But we'd like to tell you about a marriage that lasted not 72 days, but 72 years, literally until death did them part.

Gordon and Norma Yeager exchanged wedding vows in 1939, and a simple formula kept them together, says their daughter Donna.

"They watched over each other, and they loved each other," said Donna.

They loved tending their garden together, and sitting together on swings. Every day, they had a favorite ritual in the small town of State Center, Iowa.

"They'd hardly ever miss a morning going out for breakfast together," said Donna.

Gordon and Norma were driving to breakfast as usual one morning in October when suddenly, they were in a horrific car crash.

They were rushed to the hospital with broken bones and internal injuries.

It was clear neither was going to survive, so their beds were moved together in the intensive care unit for the final farewell. As the end neared, they held hands.

"I put one hand on top of the other like this, and they stayed together like that until they passed away," said nurse Lina Cooper.

Gordon, age 94, died first, but his children were amazed to see his heartbeat was still showing on the monitor! A nurse offered a comforting explanation.

"The nurse said, 'That is your mother's heart beating through your dad's hand'," said Donna.

Exactly one hour later, Norma, age 90, passed away. She was still holding Gordon's hand, after 72 years it was a fairy tale finish to a fairy tale love story.

"My heart went out to them. What a special love," said emergency room technician Missy McDermott.