Who Are the Women Accusing Herman Cain of Sexual Harassment?

Herman Cain is still on the defense, saying the publication of sexual harassment allegations against him are false and a smear campaign. Meanwhile, a third woman says she considered a complaint for the same offense. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Herman Cain is still in the lead, despite facing a swirl of sexual harassment allegations from the 1990s!

According to Rasmussen Reports, the latest poll shows Herman Cain with 26 percent of Republican voters, over Mitt Romney with 23 percent.

We're also learning more about the three women making the allegations.

Woman #1, who worked for Cain at the National Restaurant Association, is now a high-powered official spokeswoman for a federal agency. She's married to a lobbyist and lives in suburban Maryland.  

Woman #2 is now a successful businesswoman working at a lobbying and consulting firm in New Jersey.

The third woman is claiming Cain invited her to his corporate apartment when they both worked for the Restaurant Association in the 1990s. She said his comments to her were "inappropriate, and...made me feel uncomfortable."  

"Anyone who was involved with the Restaurant Association at the time knew that this was going to come up," said Chris Wilson, a former pollster who worked at the Restaurant Association, adding his voice to the rising number of allegations.

About one of the women, he had this to say: "If she does go on the air and talk about it, I think it'll be the end of his campaign."

And a conservative radio host from Iowa says Cain also made inappropriate cracks to two women who work for his radio station.

"His comments were awkward, and inappropriate. There's just certain things that you just don't discuss and you just don't say, particularly in this day and age, and particularly if you're married," he said.

Cain strongly denies all of the allegations but his efforts at damage control are being questioned after he blew up at reporters.

"His whole appeal is as a problem solver and he can't solve his own problem in his campaign," said George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America.

Meanwhile, Comedy Central's Jon Stewart is hitting back at Donald Trump's claim that he made a racist comment about Herman Cain:

"It's not what he said but the way he said it. The tone of his voice, the inflection, unbelievable," Trump said in a video posted online.

"Ok, this hurts me on two levels," Stewart said on The Daily Show. "Donald Trump really thinks that was my Herman Cain impression? And two, Donald Trump doesn't realize that that wasn't even the most offensive accent I used in that particular bit?"

Meanwhile, since the allegations against Cain were made public, his campaign has taken in an additional $1 million in donations.