Conrad Murray's Fate in the Hands of Jury Now

After a long six week trial, the fate of Dr. Conrad Murray now lies in the hands of the jury. INSIDE EDITION reports from the courthouse where speculation is surfacing that a verdict could be reached soon.

We're learning more about how this jury will decide the fate of Dr. Conrad Murray. The seven men and five women are not sequestered. They'll go home over the weekend if they haven't reached a verdict. Deliberations would then resume on Monday.

They'll use a buzzer to signal the judge if they have a question, or once they've reached a verdict.

Murray spent the night with his girlfriend Nicole Avarez and their two-year-old son at her apartment in Santa Monica.

As for the Jackson family, it was a restless night, with La Toya Jackson tweeting:

"It's 4:30 am. I can't sleep wondering how the Jurors will deliberate on the Murray Trial."

Now everyone who's followed the trial that's gripped America is speculating about what's taking place in the jury room.

HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell told INSIDE EDITION, "Anybody who says they know what the jury is thinking, and 'Oh, it's a slam dunk for this side,' or 'Oh it's a slam dunk for this side,' they don't know."

Despite a strong case presented by the prosecution, the verdict could go either way, Nancy Grace told Good Morning America.

"I think that an acquittal, especially in California...hello! O.J. Simpson! Anything can happen here," said Grace.