Is Duchess Catherine Pregnant?

Is a new Royal baby on the way? That’s the question everyone is asking after Duchess Kate declined certain foods and drink at a recent appearance. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It's the story of the Princess and the peanut.

Duchess Catherine refused to eat even a bite of peanut paste, prompting speculation around the world that she's pregnant.

"I actually understand why pregnant women might avoid peanuts. How do I know my child isn't going to develop this allergy later on, due to some exposure they got in the womb. We can't prove that isn't the case," said Dr. Marc Siegel.

The headline in London's The Sun asks, "Something you're nut telling us, Kate?"

The baby buzz started when Kate and William visited a UN aid facility in Denmark. Kate politely declined a sample of peanut paste, which is fed to malnourished children in famine-stricken nations.

Prince William, perhaps playing the doting father-to-be, examined the ingredients on the label.  

Some thought if Kate expressed a knowing look as her husband tried the paste himself. 

An official spokesperson said, "Kate isn't allergic to nuts." But there was no comment on a possible pregnancy.

Kate turned down champagne at another recent royal event. Instead, she reportedly asked for a glass of water.