Soccer Mom P.I. Discusses Role in Honey Trap

Soccer mom/private investigator Latasha Wallace speaks to INSIDE EDITION about her role in a honey trap that was set to catch a father of three driving drunk.

Soccer mom Latasha Wallace, who moonlights as a private investigator, is being accused of being part of a so-called "honey trap," and the bait was shocking.
"He was tricked into thinking there was maybe going to be a threesome," Wallace told INSIDE EDITION.
Wallace's agency was hired by Susan Dutcher, who was involved in a nasty custody case with her ex-husband Dave and suspected he was driving under the influence.

"Mr. Dutcher's ex-wife was very concerned that Mr. Dutcher was drinking and driving while he had visitation with his children. So, being a mom myself that kind of hit home with me," said Wallace.

Wallace arranged to "run into" the aerospace engineer at a restaurant in Concord, California.
"I said, 'Shots on me! Who's drinking what?' " recalled Wallace.
Sure enough, Dave Dutcher proceeded to get smashed. That's when Wallace made an offer he apparently couldn't refuse.
"I said that it was a four-poster bed which would be perfect for some certain types of extracurricular activities, shall I say, and he was very interested and very excited," Wallace said.

She said she also told him that "there was a hot tub and we didn't have bathing suits and would he be interested in coming back and hanging out with the girls and partying."
A very drunk Dutcher followed her home in his own car, so closely he ran a red light.

That's when a cop busted him for DUI. Dutcher was convicted of drunk driving and told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret he lost custody of his three children.
"You call your arrest a dirty DUI. Maybe what they did was reprehensible, but you still broke the law," said Moret.

"The crime would not have occurred had they not set it up," Dutcher said.

Dutcher says he always suspected he was set up, and it turns out he was right. An investigation by the Contra Costa County District Attorney reveals that Dutcher was one of up to 20 men caught up in the sting.

It turns out Wallace had been working for a private investigator named Chris Butler,  whose agency had allegedly been paying an off-duty cop to pull the men over and bust them for drunk driving.

The District Attorney called it, "One of the most deplorable legal practices I've ever heard of."

The court agreed, and threw out all the convictions, including Dave Dutcher's.