Documentary Examines Conrad Murray Trial

INSIDE EDITION reports on an upcoming documentary examining the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray that captured worldwide attention.

Dr. Conrad Murray describes the horrific scene when he found Michael Jackson dying on the floor of his bedroom:

"Call 911. I need you to call 911, come on, help me," said Murray.

Murray says he frantically asked one of Jackson's bodyguards for help.

"I need help! I'm doing CPR, Mr. Jackson's not breathing," Murray said he told the bodyguards.

The interview is featured in a new documentary about the disgraced doctor and his relationship with Jackson.

The filmmakers had exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Murray during his entire six-week trial. The trial ended Monday with a conviction.

At one point in the documentary, Dr. Murray is seen praying.

"Thank you Lord," prayed Murray.

Murray described the effect that lack of sleep had on Jackson's appearance.

"Have you ever seen the Thriller image when he was made up? He looked like that," said Murray.

The documentary, called Michael Jackson and The Doctor: A Fatal Friendship, airs on MSNBC on November 11th.