Player With Down Syndrome Scores Special Touchdown

It was sportsmanship at its finest when a high school football team celebrated a touchdown for the opposing team that was scored by a player with Down syndrome. INSIDE EDITION has the touching story.

Get ready for a football play that is an absolute winner in the game of life.

Members of the Myrtle Beach High School football team in South Carolina were winning a playoff game by a score of 64 to 10 with just seconds to go when they did something you won't find in any playbook.

What they did was allow a member of the opposing team, Chip Mullen, to have his moment in the sun. Mullen is special because he has Down syndrome, and this was his final game for Hilton Head High School.

"We decided, you know, let's let him score," said Myrtle Beach coach Mickey Wilson.

Mullen got the ball, and a teammate accompanied him down the field, and nobody tried to tackle him. He completed a 75-yard run for a touchdown!

Members of both teams rushed to congratulate Mullen for a thrill he'll remember for the rest of his life.

The final score was Myrtle Beach 64, Hilton Head 16. But in the big picture, both teams were victorious.