Juror on Conrad Murray Trial Speaks Out

A juror from the Conrad Murray trial is speaking about what it was like behind closed doors as the jury deliberated on the fate of the defendant. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The first juror speaks out about Dr. Conrad Murray's guilty verdict in the death of Michael Jackson.

Juror number five, Debbie Franklin, is a 48-year-old mother of two and a paralegal.

"Our hearts were pounding to go out there. It was a show of hands, then we asked everyone to write it down so we had the papers. Twelve guilty votes," said Franklin.

She told Good Morning America that there was tension on the first day of deliberations because not all of the jurors were convinced Murray was guilty.

Franklin said, "Towards the end of the day we took a vote. It was not unanimous, and we talked a little more about it, let's think about it over the weekend. It was stressful. We did yelling. We had to keep saying, 'Nobody talk while this person is talking. Raise your hand if you have something to say."

INSIDE EDITION showed the juror's interview to Murray's defense attorney, Michael Flanagan. He says he knew the verdict would be guilty as soon as the jury walked into the courtroom.

"This jury, when they walked out of there, they were somber, they were looking down, there was no eye contact with any of them. I can tell that is a guilty verdict," said Flanagan.