Kate Gosselin Hired as Coupon Blogger

Kate Gosselin has bounced back from the cancellation of her reality show Kate Plus 8 and she's telling INSIDE EDITION about her new job, coupon blogging.

Reality has hit Kate Gosselin and she's now selling coupons to make a living!

"I might be famous, but I'm not rich," she says.

Her show Kate Plus 8 was cancelled in September, and now Kate has scored a new job, blogging about coupons for couponcabin.com.

"I do really use coupons and I have always used coupons," she tells INSIDE EDITION.

Even with the cancellation of her show, Gosselin can't escape the spotlight. Everyday occurrences get unwanted attention. The tabloids went after her when one of her sextuplets was photographed crawling under her van to retrieve a piece of paper.

"Every mom out there, if they had cameras following them, would be caught in a moment of yelling at their child or making a mistake," says Gosselin.

She says America still has a lot of misconceptions about her.

"[People think] That I'm mean, and horrible, and a terrible mom," she says. "I am really tough because I just want the best for my kids."

Now that she's a single mom of eight clipping coupons, she says she knows it's going to be tough getting a date.

"It's a concern of mine. I don't, obviously, like being alone. It would be nice to have somebody sort of in my same corner but at the same time I don't have a lot of time to think about it," she says.