New Ashley Madison Ads Spark Controversy

An ad for the dating site featuring a plus-size model represented as someone who is not attractive to men is causing uproar. INSIDE EDITION spoke to Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman about the controversy.

Is it the most offensive ad ever? A new ad for, the dating website that encourages extramarital affairs, is sparking outrage.

The ad, featuring a plus-size model, asks, "Did your wife scare you last night?" and says, "Life is short. Have an affair."

Another ad features the same plus-size model and a skinnier model, both posing in lingerie.

"We call it as we see it," the obnoxious ad declares.

One blogger calls the ads "Blatantly disgusting."

Another says it's "A new low for Ashley Madison."

Even the plus-sized model is upset!

She goes by the professional name Jacqueline. Ashley Madison bought the rights to her pictures from a photo agency.

"It's horrific," she wrote in a blog post. "I had no idea that the photographer would sell the photos to corporations who would use them in rude and mocking ways. I am mortified."

INSIDE EDITION put Noel Biderman, the CEO of, on the hot seat.

"There's a way to get your message out there without being rude, without insulting people like this, isn't there?" INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked.

"I don't think I'm trying to insult anybody, I'm trying to be realistic. I have no problem with any body or any body type or any type of approach to life. What I'm trying to do is reflect on [that] there are many, many people who wake up beside a partner who they really don't physically recognize and maybe aren't attracted to anymore," Biderman said.