Twin Sisters Get Twin Facelifts

INSIDE EDITION talks to twin sisters Arlene and Marlene, who went under the knife at the same time to ensure they still looked alike after plastic surgery.

Twin sisters Arlene and Marlene live doors apart in Philadelphia. The identical twin grandmothers share the same style, right down to their nail polish and shoes.

Arlene and Marlene say when they recently looked in the mirror, they didn't like what they saw.

The 66-year-old twins say they watch what they eat, and also take really good care of their skin, using products from facial moisturizes to chocolate firming masks.

But gravity caused their faces to sag and they decided their only option was a twin facelift. They admit they're vain.

"We're vain," said Marlene.

"I'm more vain than she is," said Arlene.

The twin surgeries posed a major challenge for plastic surgeon Dr. Raphael Gabay.

Though identical, Dr. Gabay says twins do age slightly differently. Arlene will have some fat removed from around her eye and both twins will get neck and cheek lifts.  

"She's going to need the same exact thing that I need," said Arlene.

Since Arlene is older by three minutes, she went first.

Dr. Gabay nipped and tugged and tucked.  

Two hours later, Arlene was wheeled out of the operating room, literally passing by her sister's gurney on the way out.

As he did with Arlene, Dr. Gabay gave Marlene fat injections to fill in creases.

"I think they'll see a mirror image of each other," he told INSIDE EDITION.

They met up in recovery. Arlene's daughter Lisa was supportive, saying, "This is what makes them feel good."

Five weeks later, INSIDE EDITION caught up with the twins at their favorite spa and hair salon in Boca Raton, Florida.

Their stylist knows the drill: "Same hair color. Same hairstyle. Same make-up, the whole nine yards!" he said.

And they're not shy facing their friends.

"We're open about it. We're very proud to do it," said Arlene.

"Why should we hide it?" added Marlene.

After turning back the clock, the identical twin grandmothers are ready to hit the town, saying they now look as young as they feel.

And believe it or not, they're already planning their next twin surgery!

"Maybe we'll do breasts next!" said Marlene.