The Nation Reacts to Penn State Scandal

Reaction pours in across the country over the Penn State child sex abuse scandal. INSIDE EDITION reports on the latest details.

It was a dramatic moment when the whole nation seemed to come together in prayer for the victims of the scandal at Penn State.

But here's what you didn't see on TV:

A plane circled the stadium filled with 100,000 fans, flying a banner that read, "Joe Paterno Is So Dirty He Needs A Shower."

Later, the same plane returned flying a new banner saying, "Pray For The Kids, Not The Cowards And Liars."

INSIDE EDITION has learned the flybys were paid for by the same man who taunted Tiger Woods with banners during the U.S. Open last year. The Penn State stunt cost him $2,500.

Emotions are still raw over the scandal and is now entering presidential politics. Michele Bachmann on Meet the Press didn't pull any punches about Penn State's former assistant coach and accused child molester Jerry Sandusky.

"Even though I'm a small woman, I'd want to go find that guy and beat him to a pulp. I think that's what any parent would want to do when they think about their child," said Bachmann.

And President Obama is calling for nationwide soul-searching.

"Nothing else matters but making sure these childen are protected," said Obama.

And a former member of Sandusky's charity, The Second Mile, is speaking out. He says Sandusky's behavior was disturbing.

"He would put his hand on my thigh and he would just keep it there. Sometimes there would be a squeeze but, he would just keep it there and it made me feel uncomfortable," he said.

There's not much to laugh at in the scandal, but Saturday Night Live managed to find some humor. Seth Meyers tries to explain the scandal to the Devil, and even he can't believe it.