College Student Gets Six-Pack Abs Through Surgery

INSIDE EDITION follows one college student who wasn’t seeing the six-pack ab results he wanted from his workouts, so he got them through surgery. 

College student Travis Mosher wants six pack abs. He says he's tried everything to get that washboard look, sit-ups, dieting, protein shakes, but nothing worked.

"I would work out two to three times a day. I saw definition, but no six-pack," said Mosher.

So now he's doing something some people would think is crazy.

He's going to have a six-pack surgically put on.

"I'm excited, anxious, nervous, all of the above!" said Mosher.

Mosher is just one of many already fit young men going under the knife to get six-pack plastic surgery.

With TV personalities like Jersey Shore's The Situation showing off their abs, the pressure is on to get that chiseled look.

First surgeon Dr. Henry Mentz marked the areas where he wants the abs to show through.

"It's important when you mark, to mark where the natural structures are, rather than etching something that's not there," said Dr. Mentz.

Then Mosher hugged his mom, and walked into the operating room.

"I'm happy for him. I think that whatever a person wants to do to improve themself is wonderful," said Mosher's mom.

In under an hour, the fat between his abdominal muscles gets sucked away, making the natural six-pack pop out. The surgery is called abdominal etching.

"We unveiled the musculature, and we highlighted it by doing the etching," said Dr. Mentz.

Just one month later, Mosher looks ripped.

But he better keep it up. If he gains weight, he could end up with an artificial-looking six-pack.

But Mosher says he's not worried.

"My abs look great now. I wouldn't go back and change it for anything," said Mosher.