Fortune 500 Executive Patrick Evans Convicted of Murder

A Fortune 500 executive was convicted of the double murder of his estranged wife and her new boyfriend. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Fortune 500 executive Patrick Evans was accused of killing his wife and her lover when he found them in bed together.

The crime can actually be heard being played out on a chilling 911 tape.

"In a matter of a second, they were gone. And it was caught on tape!" says WTSP-TV's Melanie Michael.

Patrick Evans, a vice president with the Fortune 500 electronics company Jabil Circuit, and his wife Elizabeth led a lavish lifestyle, with a million-dollar home right on the waterfront in St. Petersburg, Florida.

He flew by private jet to business meetings in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

But the marriage broke up and the wife moved into a gated community nearby.

Police said Evans went to his wife's home one night and caught her with her boyfriend, Jerry Taylor, who worked at the same I.T. company she did.

One of the victims called 911, and the confrontation was recorded.

Jerry Taylor: "Put the gun down!"

Patrick Evans: "Sit on the bed. Sit on the bed, Jerry."

Jerry Taylor: "I'll sit down but you have to put the gun... hey, hey!"

Elizabeth Evans: "Help! Help!"

A shot rang out, and Taylor could be heard slumping to the ground.

Elizabeth Evans: "Are you out of your ---- "

In court, Evans denied being the man on the tape.

"Is that your voice on this tape?" an attorney asked.

"It is not," said Evans.

"Did you kill your wife?" the attorney asked.

"I did not," he said.

"Did you kill Mr. Taylor?"

"No, I did not," Evans said.

In bizarre testimony that triggered a spontaneous burst of laughter in the courtroom, Evans's lawyer had him repeat a phrase from the 911 call over and over with different inflections to convince jurors it wasn't his voice on the tape.

"Can you say to this jury, 'Sit on the bed, Jerry'?" his attorney asked.

"Sit on the bed Jerry!"

"Sit on the bed Jerry!"

"Can you say it loud, like you're angry and you're yelling?" asked the attorney.


"In a sad way, it's almost comical because he was trying so hard and straining to make himself sound different," Michael says.

"Say, 'Jerry, sit on the bed.' " his attorney requested.

"Jerry! Sit on the bed."

"Can you say it quieter for me?"

"Jerry, sit on the bed," Evans said.

"Can you say it in your normal tone of voice?" his attorney asked.

"Jerry, sit on the bed."

The judge issued a warning to those who had laughed at the testimony: "My question to you is, how many times do you want to try this case? I only want to try it once. You need to control yourselves."

The jury took just over an hour to find Evans guilty of the double murder.

At a sentencing hearing, his mother made a tearful plea to the jury not to recommend the death penalty.

"I beg you not to do that. If there's anything else, if I could say, I'm like ..." she said, in tears.

But, no dice.

"A majority of the jury advises and recommends to the court that it impose the death penalty upon Patrick A. Evans," said the jury spokesperson.

It was tough justice for the Fortune 500 murderer.