Jogger Jumps Over 100-Foot Cliff to Avoid Attacker

A woman jogging in a California state park near Malibu fought off an attacker and jumped off of a 100-foot cliff to get away from him. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A woman jogger leapt over a 100-foot cliff to get away from a sexual predator. It's the latest of a string of attacks on runners.

The nightmare happened at a California state park near Malibu. The jogger was on a cliff-top path when she was grabbed from behind.

"Her only avenue of escape was to go over the side of the cliff," a police officer told reporters.

The jogger survived the leap and was treated for cuts and bruises.

As cops investigate the latest attack, family and friends of murdered jogger Chelsea King gathered for a moving memorial service in San Diego.

More than 6,000 people filled the football stadium at Chelsea's high school, each one holding a single sunflower, Chelsea's favorite.

Huge pictures of Chelsea were posted around the stadium and her old home videos played on a giant screen.

For the first time in public, Chelsea's heartbroken 13-year-old brother Tyler spoke about his devastating loss.

"I want to say I'm okay but...I'm not okay, because the best thing in my life has been taken away from me," he said.

Chelsea's mother and father, Kelly and Brent King, released a white dove in memory of their daughter.

Sorrow turned to anger as Brent King spoke out against sex offenders.

"Known sexual predators are not curable," he said. "If anyone believes this evil is treatable, let them live next door to you and your children."

California, which began registering sex offenders in 1947, has the largest population of sex offenders in the country.