Pothole Dislodged Locket from Girl's Throat

INSIDE EDITION talks to a young girl and her mother about what saved the girl from choking on a locket that she accidentally swallowed.

8-year-old Laci Davis was goofing around when she swallowed her heart-shaped locket that was about an inch wide.

Laci told INSIDE EDITION, "I was so scared. It felt like something was stabbing me in my chest."

The locket got stuck in her windpipe, choking her. An X-Ray shows the perfect heart-shape, lodged in her esophagus.

Laci's mom Mandy, who luckily, is a nurse, rushed her to the hospital, terrified that her little girl might stop breathing at any moment.

"She was rocking forward holding her chest saying 'Mom it's hurting,' and in my mind I was panicking, like, 'Oh this is not going to be good,' because I remember how big it was," said Mandy.

But you'll never guess what saved Laci. It wasn't a doctor, or her mom. It was, of all things, a pothole.

Her mother was so desperate to get to the hospital she didn't see a gaping pothole in the middle of the street in downtown Cincinnatti. She hit it at full speed and the jolt actually dislodged the locket from Laci's windpipe dropping it down into her stomach.

Mandy said, "She said, 'Mom, I feel better!' "

"It felt a lot better. I couldn't even feel it anymore," said Laci.

Mandy is also a qualified X-Ray technician and INSIDE EDITION went along as she X-Rayed Laci to see where the locket is now. The locket is ever so slowly moving down through Laci's intestines.

Incredibly, Laci doesn't feel a thing. The brave third grader has a heart of gold—literally! And she's just happy to be alive today, saved by a pothole.