Sarah Palin on Jerry Sandusky: Hang Him High

Sarah Palin has some harsh words for accused pedophile Jerry Sandusky. Meanwhile, some are asking if Penn State coach Joe Paterno took steps to protect his assets before news of the scandal broke. INSIDE EDITION has the latest developments.

Hang him high! That's Sarah Palin's verdict on former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

"I say about this assistant coach Sandusky, hang him from the highest tree. I'll bring the rope. I think it's pathetic. It's horrible. It's atrocious what took place," said Palin.

Fox News channel host Greta Van Susteren gave her an opportunity to tone down her remarks. But Palin stuck to her guns.

Susteren said, "You don't want to just hang him by a tree. I assume you want a criminal process?"

"Hang him from the highest tree and I'll bring the rope, if he's guilty of what has been alleged," said Palin. 

And did ousted head coach Joe Paterno move to protect his personal fortune before the scandal broke?

Documents obtained by INSIDE EDITION show Paterno sold his $600,000 ranch-style home to his wife Suzanne for just $1 plus "love and affection."

Legal experts told The New York Times the sale means Paterno could not lose the home in a potential civil lawsuit over the scandal.

And the fallout over Sandusky's creepy interview with NBC's Bob Costas continues.

Even though Sandusky denied all the abuse allegations, convicted child molester Jake Goldenflame, who now helps law enforcement combat pedophiles, says Sandusky unmasked himself in the interview.

"Jerry Sandusky made some very troubling statements as far as I'm concerned. He may have a sexual addiction to a kind of conduct that is extremely dangerous, both for him and his victims," said Goldenflame.