Son Arrested at His Wedding After Mom Objected

Justin Harris was arrested at his own wedding for throwing his mother out after she objected to the marriage. INSIDE EDITION sits down with Justin and his mother Sandra to talk about the wedding from hell.

Call it the wedding from hell. Justin Harris and his fiancée Jamie Rose were about to say their vows at a church in Gardnerville, Nevada, when Justin's mom Sandra objected!

Justin got so angry that he literally tossed his mom out of his wedding.

According to the police report, when Sandra objected to the wedding, her son Justin allegedly grabbed her by the shirt, picked her up, and carried her out of the church against her will.

"In a thousand years, did you ever think your mother-in-law would show up and stop your wedding?" INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero asked Jamie.

"Never, no. It's stuff you see in movies," said Jamie.

It was just like that classic scene in The Graduate.

So why did Sandra object to her son's marriage? She says it's because Justin and Jamie Rose had only been dating for a few months.

"I am a mother looking out for my son's best interest," Sandra said.

She now admits she was out of line

"I wasn't setting out to ruin their day," she said.

"Well, yes you were, you were setting out to stop a wedding," Guerrero pointed out.

"I have regrets," she said. "I have apologized to them."
The wedding was a disaster. Cops were called and Justin was actually thrown in jail, charged with disorderly conduct for getting physical with his own mother. But INSIDE EDITION wanted to smooth things over, so we invited Justin and his mom to sit side-by-side and talk things out.

"Do you regret physically grabbing your mother?" Guerrero asked Justin.

"Um…no," he said.

Sandra said, "That hurts me."

"Did you honestly think you were going to stop the wedding?" Justin asked.

"I did," said Sandra.
Jamie and Justin decided to try again, and, believe it or not, they invited Sandra to the ceremony.

"Hopefully it goes better than last time," said Justin.

INSIDE EDITION's cameras were there and it seemed like everyone was on board.

"I wish them all the happiness," said Sandra.

Minutes before they exchanged vows along scenic Lake Tahoe, Sandra was there supportively taking photos.

This time, the wedding went off without a hitch, and the happy pair exchanged vows.

Afterwards, there were hugs all around and a champagne toast.

So how does the new family feel?

"We feel good," they said.

It was a heavenly end to what started out as the wedding from hell.