Authorities Say Accused White House Shooter Hates President Obama

Authorities say they believe there are two things that motivated the accused White House shooter to carry out his alleged attack: his hatred for President Obama and his obsession with 11/11/11. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Police say the man accused of opening fire on the White House hates the President.

It's reported that he's even been heard calling President Obama the Antichrist.  

21-year-old Oscar Ortega-Hernandez is now in custody after being arrested at a Hampton Inn hotel in Pennsylvania, in room 310. Secret Service agents alerted the hotel that he might be heading their way because he had stayed there before.
Ortega-Hernandez had been on the run since the Friday night shooting.

The theory is that the alleged gunman slowed down his car or came to a brief stop, fired the shots, and then sped into the night. The bullets had to fly 800 yards to hit the White House, the equivalent of eight football fields.

The bullet that broke a window in the Yellow Oval Room was stopped by an inner layer of bullet resistant glass.  

But here's the really worrisome detail. The Yellow Oval Room serves as the living room for the First Family. It's where the Obamas entertain visitors in a cozy setting. It's also where they relax with family and friends and like other presidential families before them, it's where they put up their Christmas tree. The President and First Lady's bedroom is just feet from where one bullet hit. The second bullet hit an undisclosed part of the White House.  

"Some experts are saying that the bullet shouldn't have carried that far, my understanding is that the bullet could go over a mile. It definitely could have been tragic and someone could have been hurt or injured or killed," said former Secret Service agent Scott Alswang.

The President and First Lady were in California when the bullets were fired. But the Secret Service isn't saying whether daughters Sasha and Malia or their grandmother Marion Robinson were home at the time.   

Ortega-Hernandez is described as mentally disturbed. He's also said to be obsessed with the date of the shooting, 11/11/11. He reportedly believed that day, which also happened to be his 21st birthday, would be the end of the world.