Woman Disappears After Appearance on The People's Court

She was featured in a tense showdown with her former fiance on The People's Court. Now she's vanished. And cops are desperately trying to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Michelle Parker and her ex were on the TV show last Thursday arguing over a $5,000 engagement ring.

"I took it off and threw it at him," Parker said on the show.

Parker, who has three-year-old twins with Dale Smith, painted a picture of a tempestuous, five-year relationship.

"He gets pretty malicious and vindictive and he's a mean person, especially when he's been drinking," said Parker.

She described their relationship by saying, "It's been a hell of a roller coaster ride and it's poison."

He agreed their time together was rocky.

"We had our break ups here and there. We had good times and bad times," said Smith.

The People's Court judge Marilyn Milian ruled a split decision—that Parker and her ex were equally at fault.

The appearance was taped several months ago in New York, but on the very day the episode aired, Parker vanished. She was last seen dropping the twins off with their dad in Orlando. Cops later found her car abandoned.

The missing woman's father, Brad Parker, said, "There's no blood in the car. They did tell us that. That's why they think she's still alive, which I hope. If they found blood, but they didn't."

Parker's mom Yvonne Stewart spoke to INSIDE EDITION at a makeshift command post  and said, "I think she's been kidnapped. I'm mad that they're doing this to her. Like, how dare you do this to a human being who has a life."

She had this message to whoever may be holding her daughter.

"Please don't hurt her. We want her to come home alive," said Stewart.

The Beatles song "Michelle" was played at a candlelight vigil for the missing woman where emotions ran high.

Police say Dale Smith is cooperating and is not a suspect.

Stewart said, "They've had their little ups and downs. He's a great daddy to those twins. I really feel bad for him."

The most poignant moment on the courtroom showdown came when it was revealed that Smith had not seen the twins for three weeks.

Judge Milian said to Smith during the episode, "A three-year-old is missing their father."

Sadly, they are now missing their mother too.