Little Girl Gets New Legs

INSIDE EDITION talks to a courageous young girl and her family about her amazing road to walking after having both legs amputated.

This young double amputee is about to take a giant leap forward.

Little Jessy Hatch is getting running legs.

Dawn and Aaron Hatch adopted their precious girl after she was born to a meth addicted mom.

The baby's legs were so badly deformed that they were curved backwards and had to be amputated above the knee.
"I just remember thinking what are we going to do, is she ever going to be able to walk or crawl," said Dawn.

INSIDE EDITION was there for the milestone, as Jessy traded in her old rigid limbs for new flexible running legs.
Holding onto handrails, Jessy worked to gain her balance and adjust to the new bouncy feel.
She took some falls. But that didn't stop her. She got up and tried again.

"What are we doing with these?" asked Dawn.

"I'm taking them home," said Jessy.

"We're taking them home," said Dawn.

Next they stopped at the park, only to find that her progress was startling.

Without any help Jessy charged forward as her loved ones cheered her on.

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