Michele Bachmann Given Message from Jimmy Fallon's Band

Michele Bachmann was given a message from the band on Jimmy Fallon’s show when they played a song that wasn’t exactly welcoming for her entrance. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Michele Bachmann appeared with Jimmy Fallon to boost her presidential hopes, never suspecting that she was being sabotaged right off the bat.

When Bachmann was introduced the band played a song called "Lyin' (blank blank)," that last word rhymes with 'witch.'  And it was no accident that it was played as Bachmann made her entrance.

Fallon's house band is headed by a musician named Questo whose Twitter picture shows him with President Obama.

Prior to Bachmann's appearance, Questo, Twitter name Questlove, tweeted:

"Late night walk-on song devotees...This next one takes the cake. Ask around cause I ain't tweeting title."

Bachmann was obviously unaware of what had been done after she left the show. But Jimmy Fallon clearly got wind of what happened late Tuesday morning, when he tweeted:

"@questlove is grounded."

A TV Week headline reads: "Jimmy Fallon's Band Gives Michele Bachmann a Rude Welcome."

Bachmann is the latest in a string of presidential hopefuls to appear on late night TV.

Political analyst Hank Scheinkopf told INSIDE EDITION, "It humanizes them. It gets them to be in a position where they can look funny even if their views are a little extreme."

They didn't need a comedian to play former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman on Saturday Night Live last weekend. He was happy to portray himself in a not-so-flattering sketch that made fun of his poll numbers.

And when the whole world was laughing at Texas Governor Rick Perry's brain freeze, he decided to turn it around and play it for laughs with David Letterman's Top Ten List.

But judging from Michele Bachmann's Jimmy Fallon guest appearance, it's not without risk.