Couple Gets Married as Venue Burns Down Behind Them

A wedding is the most memorable day in a couple’s life, but INSIDE EDITION talks to one couple whose wedding memories take the cake as their venue went up in flames on the big day.

It's one of the most striking wedding pictures ever taken: Newlyweds pose as their wedding venue goes up in flames.

The fire broke out just minutes before Nancy and Michael Rogers were set to walk down the aisle.

"Everything was going great. They were lacing up the back of my dress and then Michael's mom came in with this horrible look on her face," said Nancy.  

The hotel was on fire.

It all happened at the historic White Point Resort Hotel in Nova Scotia.

"We were just looking at this, all this black smoke that was coming up and you could hear all the sirens in the background, and you just kept thinking that they were going to get it under control," said Nancy.

But the fire spread quickly, engulfing the 80-year-old wooden structure. The wedding guests were evacuated, and some of them captured the drama on their cell phones.

The decorations, the flowers, even their designer wedding cake, all went up in flames.

But the wedding did take place, leading to an unforgettable memory.

But Michael and Nancy actually see the fire as a good omen.

"You're just kind of in amazement that it all happened, that that's behind you, that that's going on, that that's our wedding day. We're still in shock that it happened that way. We just think that this is just going to make for a stronger marriage," said Nancy.