Natalie Wood's Last Weekend Alive

INSIDE EDITION takes a close look at the events of Natalie Wood’s last weekend alive, and talks to the man who found her body floating in the water.

Shocking new details are emerging about Natalie Wood's tragic last weekend.

Natalie, her husband Robert Wagner, and movie star Christopher Walken set off for Catalina Island in the 60-foot cabin cruiser the Splendour from Marina del Rey. With them was captain Dennis Davern.

Natalie's sister, Lana Wood, says there was constant bickering fueled by lots of booze.

Lana told INSIDE EDITION, "They had been drinking very heavily that weekend. That's been proven many times over by anyone who saw them."

After one argument over where to moor the Splendour, Natalie was so angry, she went ashore and spent Friday night at a hotel called The Pavilion, in room 126.

In his book, Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour, captain Dennis Davern says he and Natalie shared a bed that night because Natalie wanted to feel safe. But he says they were fully clothed and there was no sex.

Saturday evening all four went to the Harbor Reef restaurant for dinner. Then-owner Doug Bombard says the group was still drinking heavily.

"I knew they were arguing," said Bombard.

When they returned to the yacht another fight erupted in the main salon. Wagner was convinced Walken was trying to seduce Natalie.

Davern told INSIDE EDITION, "Robert Wagner picked up a bottle of wine and smashed it right in front of them on the coffee table saying, 'What are you trying to do, (blank) my wife?' "

Walken went to his berth. Davern says around midnight Wagner told him Natalie was missing. They searched the boat together but did not raise the alarm.

By an extraordinary coincidence it was Doug Bombard who discovered Natalie's body. He showed INSIDE EDITION the exact spot.

"It was probably about thirty to forty yards in that direction right there that I found the body and pulled it into the boat," recalled Bombard.

He could see her bright red down coat floating in the water.

"She was hanging under her jacket, feet down, hair all over the place. But that was her," said Bombard.

Bombard said he broke the news to Wagner that Natalie was dead.

Wagner swore he would never return to Catalina because the memories of his last voyage are too devastating.