Reactions To Rielle Hunter's GQ Photo Spread

Rielle Hunter's provocative photo spread in GQ magazine is causing controversy across the nation. While Hunter claims she's disgusted at the published photos, others say she knew exactly what they would look like. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The nation is still buzzing over those provocative photos of Rielle Hunter. And now Elizabeth Edwards's sister is speaking out. "The GQ photos speak a few thousand words," Elizabeth's sister Nancy was quoted as saying on Larry King Live.

The pot shot at Hunter came as GQ magazine responded to the ex mistress' outrage over the layout.

The magazine's Editor-in-Chief Jim Nelson said, "I think you can see how comfortable she was at the shoot by watching the video."

In the behind-the-scenes video, Hunter can be seen smiling as the photographer arranges her body in revealing poses. She even checks out the shots on the photographer's laptop, never seeming to object to them.

Legal analyst Lisa Bloom said, "The pictures are a disaster for Rielle Hunter. Posing provocatively in a man's shirt, in bed, it's a PR nightmare for her. She's a videographer, and to now claim that she was tricked by the photographer is laughable."

In her GQ interview, Hunter also lashes out at former Edwards aide Andrew Young, author of the bestseller The Politician, saying, "Andrew was in love with Johnny. In love with him. Beyond. And I believe he loved Johnny more than he loved (his wife)."

"It's patently absurd. I believe in John's causes. I loved him as a friend," said Young.

Photo courtesy of GQ magazine,

One person who hasn't publicly reacted to the photos is John Edwards. His spokesman would only say "no comment."