Parents Say Kids' Flour Mess Was Real

After posting video on YouTube of a flour disaster caused by their two young boys, the parents of the toddlers have found themselves in the center of a nationwide controversy over the authenticity of the video. INSIDE EDITION reports on what the parent

The so-called "flour family" is on the hotseat.

The video of Vince and Mary Napoli's kids wreaking havoc with a five-pound bag of flour has gotten almost two million hits on YouTube.

But everyone who saw it became a forensic expert, questioning just how evenly the flour was spread all over the house. Could the boys, ages one and three, really have pulled that off, or were their parents seeking YouTube fame?

The Today show's Matt Lauer asked those questions. 

"They did the work themselves," said Mary.

Lauer asked, "You didn't spread it around a little more than they had spread it around?"

"No, no, no," replied Mary.

"Is it kids behaving badly or adults behaving badly?" asked Lauer.

"It's both. I left the child safety lock off of that cabinet door and went to the bathroom too long," said Mary.

But what about the mom's incredibly calm voice as she surveyed the damage to her living room?

"I was in shock and I also was very under the weather, so I wasn't feeling well," said Mary.

"How does it feel to have so many people questioning your integrity based on this tape?" asked Lauer.

"We challenge those people to give their three-year-old and one-and-a-half-year-old a bag of flour and try it. It just flies," said Vince.