Does Kirstie Alley's New Diet Company Have Ties to Scientology?

Does Kirstie Alley's new weight loss company Organic Liaisons have ties to Scientology? INSIDE EDITION reports.

Kirstie Alley came out swinging against allegations that her new diet program is a front for the Church of Scientology.

"It's not true!" she told Today's Meredith Vieira.

The prominent Scientologist recently launched a reality show, Big Life, as well as a new diet program, "Organic Liaison."

Organic Liaison is a pricey weight-loss regimen, costing $1,700 a year. But it faced a firestorm of controversy and some internet bloggers wondered whether money from the program is going to the controversial Church of Scientology.

Alley's own website lists members of Organic Liaison's advisory board; the list includes some prominent people long associated with Scientology.

And the building housing Alley's diet company is owned by a Scientologist. The building is in Clearwater, Florida, world headquarters for the church.

Alley seemed in fine spirits when she denied any Scientology connection on Today: "I'm the top executive, and the address in Clearwater is my accountant's!"

But hours later she tweeted: "Just experienced the meaning of BLINDSIDED... Shame on you Today Show...Shame on you."

Rick Ross, a critic of the Church of Scientology, told INSIDE EDITION, "A portion of what Kirstie Alley makes from this diet program will probably be donated to Scientology, she is known as a very generous giver, a big giver to Scientology."

Alley is famous for waging a public battle with her weight. She dropped 75 pounds on Jenny Craig and showed off her bikini body on Oprah, but then gained it all back.   

Alley's program touts an all-natural regimen that some say mirrors Scientology's purification approach. INSIDE EDITION asked dietitian Kerry Glassman what she thought of the products. 

"There doesn't appear to be anything harmful about them but of course they're not going to make you lose weight on their own, you really obviously have to make major changes to your diet to not only lose weight but especially to lose the amount of weight that Kirstie Alley wants to lose," Glassman explains.

Alley's spokesperson told INSIDE EDITION this information: Out of some 25 employees of Organic Liaison, only four are Scientologists, adding that no money from the diet product is going to the Church of Scientology.