Conrad Murray Gets Maximum Sentence

Conrad Murray was given the maximum sentence today of four years in jail for the death of Michael Jackson. INSIDE EDITION reports from the courthouse in Los Angeles.

Dr. Conrad Murray sat stone-faced as he was given the maximum sentence of four years in prison for the death of Michael Jackson.

Judge Michael Pastor stated to the courtroom, "The court imposes the high term of four years imprisonment in this case."

Judge Pastor's voice boomed through the courtroom as he blasted what he said was a pattern of lies in Murray's treatment of the King of Pop,

"He has absolutely no sense of remorse. Absolutely no sense of fault. Michael Jackson died because of the actions of Dr. Murray," said Pastor.

As Murray was taken away to jail, he blew a kiss to his family.

Now the question is how much time Conrad Murray will actually serve behind bars. Because of jail overcrowding in California, Murray won't spend any time in state prison, but will be confined to the Los Angeles County Jail and his four-year term will most likely be measured in months, not years.

Alison Triessl told INSIDE EDITION, "The judge was very strong in his words to him. He felt that this man had done some serious misdeeds, and the fact that he would only do a little bit of time in the county jail really bothered him."

In a remarkable moment, the judge said he was outraged by the secret recording Murray made of an out-of-it Michael Jackson that has shocked the world.

"That tape recording was Dr. Murray's insurance policy. It was designed to record his patient surreptitiously at that patient's most vulnerable point. I can't even image that happening to any of us because of the horrific violation of trust," said Pastor.

The Jackson family turned out in force to hear Dr. Murray's sentence and looked relieved as they left court through a crush of reporters and onlookers. 

Jermaine Jackson said, "We'll never be satisfied because Michael is not coming back."

Michael Jackson's three children weren't in court, but attorney Brian Panish read a statement from them and the entire Jackson family:

"We will grow up without a father, our best friend, our playmate, and our dad. We are not here to seek revenge. There is nothing you can do today that will bring Michael back," said the statement.

Murray's lawyer Ed Chernoff made an impassioned plea for leniency, saying Murray's life is ruined and he'll never practice medicine again.

"Whether he's a greeter at Walmart, he's still going to be the man that killed Michael Jackson," said Chernoff.

But in the end, the judge decided not to spare the doctor responsible for the death of Michael Jackson.

"Dr. Murray became involved in a cycle of horrible medicine," said Pastor.