John Walsh Weighs in on the Case Shocking the Nation

INSIDE EDITION speaks to America's Most Wanted host John Walsh about the release of Gary Giordano in Aruba.

John Walsh is weighing in on the release of Gary Giordano in Aruba. He has no doubt that Giordano is responsible for Robyn Gardner's disappearance, even though Giordano denies it.

"I think he's going to get away with murder and it's really very, very sad. He lured her to that island, took an insurance policy out in her name, there is nobody else that was stalking that woman except him, and he is the reason that she disappeared," Walsh said.

Walsh stopped by INSIDE EDITION's studio to share big news. America's Most Wanted is coming back to TV, and will air Friday nights on Lifetime.

Walsh says the show's remarkable 25-year run on FOX resulted in the capture of more than 1,200 fugitives.