INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero Interviews the stars of Baseball Wives

INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero speaks to the stars of the new VH1 reality show Baseball Wives.

You've never seen baseball wives portrayed like this before! Wild pool parties, tattooed ladies, screaming catfights…It's a World Series of bad behavior.

INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero spoke with Baseball Wives cast members Chantel Kendall and Erika Williams. Chantel is the ex-wife of baseball star Jason Kendall and Erika is married to baseball coach Matt Williams.  

"There are some really, really inappropriate things you're going to see, and really inappropriate people," Chantel said.

One of the baseball wives used to be a stripper!

Guererro is a baseball wife herself, married to former World Series champion Scott Erickson, so she had to ask if the show does justice to America's most beloved pastime.

Guerrero asked, "Do you think the show really represents real baseball wives?"

"I have gotten those phone calls from some friends who don't want their role as a baseball wife to be shown to the country this way," Chantel said.

Erika said, "I really want to make sure that we are representing baseball properly, so when I see some things that are little bit outlandish, you'll see, I'm always wanting to put the brakes on it."