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Woman Paying Spousal Support To Husband Who Raped Her

"I am making payments, every month, to my own rapist," said Crystal Harris, who was raped by her husband. Now she's being forced to pay him spousal support!

"I just think it's wrong to make a rape victim pay her rapist," said Harris.

Harris says she had been financially supporting her unemployed, abusive husband Shawn Harris for years. But after he raped her in 2008 she filed criminal charges against him.  

The jury was played a tape that was secretly recorded. On the tape you can hear a bloodcurdling scream that goes on and on. You can also hear her saying "No" 50 times.

Harris thought her nightmare was over when the jury returned a guilty verdict. Shawn was sentenced to six years in prison for sexual assault.

But incredibly, he sued her from behind bars and now a judge is forcing her to pay him $1,000 a month in spousal support.

She says the judge actually told her she should be paying her ex-husband $3,000 a month based on her $110,000 a year income as a financial analyst in San Diego, but because of the rape, he was giving her a discount.

"What would you want to say to the judge?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret.

"How could you do this to a crime victim, a woman who was brutally raped? I was almost killed that night. A man choked me, and he beat me, and he raped me," said Harris.

Adding insult to injury, the judge is also making Harris pay her ex-husband's legal bills. She is being forced to pay his civil lawyer.

"The judge once again gave me another discount, and I ended up having to pay forty-seven thousand of those bills," said Harris.

Harris says a rape discount is an outrage, considering the man who raped her is laughing all the way to the bank.

"He is so smug. He is so smug," said Harris.

The judge claims his hands were tied because of California laws.