Herman Cain Consults His Wife On Candidacy

Herman Cain says he’s talking to his wife about the fate of his campaign in the wake of multiple allegations against him from various women. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Will Herman Cain's wife Gloria make the decision if he stays or goes in the presidential race?

"My wife loves me. She just told me that again today. She just wants to know the truth which I had given her the truth," said Cain.

Cain told Neil Cavuto on Fox News that he's reassessing his run for the White House and will meet his wife Gloria face-to-face on Friday.

So far they've only spoken on the phone about that bombshell allegation by Ginger White that they had a 13-year affair, which Cain vehemently denies.

"It's having an emotional toll on her," said Cain.

"Did she ask you, 'Did this happen Herman?' Did she ask you that?" asked Cavuto.

"Yes she did ask me, and I have told her exactly what has happened, and what the situation is," said Cain.

The couple's upcoming summit meeting is the talk of the nation.

On The View today, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Barbara Walters shared their opinions. 

"Herman Cain says he has to talk to his wife face-to-face to reassess the future of his run, before he can make any decisions," said Goldberg.

"How's he going to talk with missing teeth?" said Behar.

"She can just say you know what, I don't care whether this is true or not true, it's too much," said Walters.

On the Today show, Star Jones questioned why Cain was giving money to another woman in the first place: "If I'm the wife, I want to know, you're not giving me the money, you're not giving a mistress the money, but you're giving a miscellaneous woman the money? I mean that doesn't make sense to me."

"Does it appear that Herman Cain is going to leave the decision of continuing his campaign up to his wife?" INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked A.B. Stoddard of TheHill.com.

"His wife is really the heart and soul of the presidential campaign of Herman Cain and wants him to continue. Perhaps after this embarrassment he will continue, because she wants him to," said Stoddard.

Cain became testy with reporters in New Hampshire about what he's said to his wife so far.

"Are you going to be contentious, or do you want me to answer your question? I have talked to my wife many times since Monday about this situation. I have not talked to her face-to-face," said Cain.