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Gary Giordano Speaks on Good Morning America

Gary Giordano is breaking his silence, and after spending the last four months in a jail in Aruba, he had plenty to say. Giordano came out swinging at his first chance to speak publicly, and denies any involvement in the disappearance of his traveling

Gary Giordano, back in the United States after four months behind bars in Aruba, is talking for the first time about the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend, Robyn Gardner.

He came out swinging in a combative interview on Good Morning America.

Robin Roberts said, "The question on everyone's mind, Gary, and you know this, they want to know if you had anything to do—"

"Absolutely not! Absolutely not!" Giordano interjected.

"Would you have done anything differently?" Roberts asked.

"Absolutely! That's a silly question; I mean that's really…of course! There's a missing person, would I do something different? Yeah, I wouldn't have come," he said.

His three sons stood behind him during the interview; at one point he turned to say something to them and one of the boys nodded.

His attorney, Jose Baez, who famously defended Casey Anthony at her murder trial, was at his side.

Giordano says Robyn Gardner vanished while snorkeling. He denies that he deliberately took the 35-year-old hairdresser to a remote location, or that they were drunk.   

Giordano said, "We weren't drinking heavily. She was walking, I was walking, we were a sober couple, ok?"

He also told Roberts, "We were a hundred yards from a scuba diving store, not a remote location, ok?"

Giordano took out $1.5 million accidental death insurance on Gardner before the trip, naming himself the beneficiary. But he has an explanation. He said he always takes travel insurance and that Gardner was automatically covered on the policy.

"I have children. If I go traveling, and I disappear, I want them to be covered, ok? But that's automatic. I can't un-select Robyn," he said.

Giordano's ex-wife and former girlfriends have claimed he has a violent temper. The New York Post headline blared "Look Out, Ladies" and warned "Hide the women!" after he checked into a Manhattan hotel.

He arrived at New York's JFK Airport wearing a baseball cap over his bald head. When he turned up at Good Morning America's studios in Times Square, he had donned a toupee.

Though Aruban officials say they still consider Giordano a suspect, the only way he can be returned to Aruba is if authorities proceed with an actual trial.