Stolen Puppies Becoming A Nationwide Problem | Inside Edition

Stolen Puppies Becoming A Nationwide Problem

INSIDE EDITION reports on an epidemic sweeping the nation of stolen puppies that are taken right out of people's homes and sold to unsuspecting buyers.

It's the latest in a string of dog-napping that's plaguing the nation. Adorable Yorkies stolen from their owner's home

"It's hard. real hard," said Linda Bush.

Bush can barely hold back the tears as she talks about her stolen Yorkshire terrier pups that can sell for as much as $2,000 apiece.
When the crooks busted thru this window in Bush's Buena Park, California, house they grabbed three puppies and an adult Yorkie named Staci.

But it's a race against time to find eight year old Staci.
The thugs don't know she's a sick little dog with a long list of ailments, and a table full of medicines.  

"Everyday that she's gone is a day closer to death for her," said Bush.

The recession has spawned an epidemic of dog-nappings.

The LAPD says a gang burst into a home and stole a half-a- dozen Yorkies at gunpoint.

One surveillance video shows the brazen crooks stuffing the puppies into garbage bags for the getaway.

Cops say dog-nappers can make a quick buck selling the dogs to unsuspecting buyers.

After Bush put up posters offering a reward for her dogs police recovered two of the pups and busted two people on suspicion of burglary.

But Bush is still especially concerned about Staci because of her medical problems.

"Please, please bring Staci back because she's going to die if she doesn't get home and get the care she needs," said Bush.