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Jodie Foster's Father on Trial for Fraud

Jodie Foster's father is defending himself in court as he stands trial for multiple counts of fraud. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

He can't afford a lawyer to defend him at his trial. He drives a thirty-year-old pickup that sounds like a tractor. He says he lives off a $666-a-month pension. It's hard to believe the down-on-his-luck 89-year-old with the walker is the father of two-time Oscar® -winner Jodie Foster.

Lucius Foster III is on trial for allegedly scamming investors over low-cost modular homes like these, made out of shipping containers .

"Jodie's a very wonderful person. She'll handle it," said Foster.

Despite the fact that he and his superstar daughter have been estranged for years, victims of his alleged scam told how he dropped Jodie's name in conversations.

"He mentioned that Jodie Foster was his daughter," said one witness.

Another testified, "He said he was the father of Jodie Foster and he had a lot of money and he was just doing it to help people."

Foster is defending himself in the Los Angeles courtroom. When his turn came to ask one witness questions, he simply apologized.

"I'm sorry you're delayed in getting your house," said Foster.

As Foster left court, he denied cashing in on his daughter's fame.

"I never used her name," he said.

When did he last see Jodie?

"It's been a long time. My family are very divided right now," he said.

Foster told INSIDE EDITION he didn't steal investors's money, painting himself as a victim of the tanking economy. But he admits the trial is not shaping up well for him.

"Well so far I'm doing pretty lousy, but I'll keep hoping," said Foster.

Prosecutor Dan Cosek told INSIDE EDITION, "The maximum penalty if he's convicted of all of these counts and the judge imposed the maximum would be thirty years in jail."

"I've never been to jail. This will be my first time. What's the food like?" said Foster.

He is, to use the title of one of his daughter's movies, The Accused.