Donald Trump as Debate Host Sparks Controversy | Inside Edition

Donald Trump as Debate Host Sparks Controversy

Political pundits are weighing in on Donald Trump hosting a presidential debate that some say will become a circus. But Trump is firing back at critics. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The war of words heats up between Donald Trump and top Republicans over the presidential debate that Trump will moderate later this month.

Karl Rove, former top political advisor to President George W. Bush, is urging candidates to boycott the debate.

Rove told Fox News, "It's going to be on the 27th of December. People are still going to be digesting their turkey and playing with their presents. It's on a cable network that is not well-viewed. And it's going to be a giant ego trip."  

Trump hit back Tuesday, calling Rove "a political hack."

"I've always viewed him as a hack. What I really object to Karl Rove—Bush crashed and burned and because of that we get Obama. Nobody could have won on the Republican side. Because of that, we have Obama," said Trump.

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer calls the Trump debate "an invitation to a circus."

The upcoming debate is irrestistible to the late night comics.

Jimmy Kimmel joked, "They'll have a slightly different format for this debate. Candidates will have one minute to answer the question and then Trump will get an hour to respond."

David Letterman said, "Moderating the next Republican debate—Donald Trump. Apparently Pat Sajak was unavailable."