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Kris Humphries Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out

INSIDE EDITION talks to the former girlfriend of Kris Humphries about his brief marriage to Kim Kardashian

She's the stunning brunette who dated Kris Humphries before he married Kim Kardashian.

Bianka Kamber, a dead ringer for the reality star, dated Humphries for two years. She says they had planned on getting married but he dumped her and married Kim Kardashian instead.

Now the 28-year-old nurse is speaking out exclusively about what she believes doomed Kardashian and Humphries' marriage.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked, "Do you think Kris planned to marry Kim for a lifetime?"

"Absolutely. I know that he didn't take marriage as a joke. He definitely took it as something serious," said Kamber.

Kamber met Humphries when he was an unknown NBA rookie. She says her time with him was nothing like the life of luxury he had with Kim Kardashian. In fact, he was a frugal penny pincher.

"He tried to save his money any way that he could. If it was a couple of hundred dollars on a plane ticket and connecting, or going to the store and getting no name paper towels," said Kamber.

And get this—she was a fan of Kim Kardashian's and watched her reality show. But Humphries wanted to change the channel.

"You said you would watch the Kardashians and Kris would comment as you watched the show," said Alexander.

Kamber replied, "I was watching the show and I wanted him to watch with me and he said, 'Why are you watching that garbage? Isn't she famous for having a sex tape?' "

Imagine her surprise when just three months after they broke up, Humphries began dating Kardashian.

"I actually laughed out loud. I was really shocked," said Kamber.

She says she watched the wedding in dismay and says she knows it's not what he wanted.

Alexander asked, "Did you talk marriage?"

"We did talk marriage. We wanted something small. Something with immediate family," said Kamber.

"Do you think it was a sham?" asked Alexander.

"A little part of me thinks something was not really right," said Kamber.

Alexander asked Kamber to clear up the bombshell cover on the latest issue of Star magazine that suggests Humphries might be gay.

"Kris is gay! Could this be true?" asked Alexander.

Kamber replied, "No. That's actually kind of funny. Absolutely not. That's crazy,"

Kamber says she wouldn't take him back but she does feel sorry for her old flame who got caught up in the Kardashian circus and ended up getting burned.

Alexander asked, "You believe he truly loved Kim?"

"Absolutely. He's got to be devastated," said Kamber.