Air Travel Celebrity Meltdowns

Air travel is stressful for anyone and now Alec Baldwin is the latest addition to a growing list of celebrity meltdowns during air travel. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Alec Baldwin isn't the first celebrity to melt down while traveling.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell famously lost it in-flight, struggling with a passenger who she thought filmed her while she was taking a nap.

Who could forget singer Bjork's wild confrontation with a female reporter after an all night flight to Thailand.

And Elton John lost it and shouted profanity laced insults at a Taiwan airport.

"We'd love to get out of Taiwan if it's full of people like you. Pig. Pig!" said John.

Kate Moss had her own case of airport rage when she used her luggage cart to plow through photographers, apparently forgetting that her 5-year-old daughter, Lila, was still on-board.

Even though celebrities usually get kid gloves treatment, they still find travelling stressful, just like the rest of us.

Kate Hanni of said, "People dream about their trips. but from the time you arrive at the airport until you actually arrive at your destination, there's a tremendous amount of stress involved."

Diana Ross had a supreme meltdown at London's Heathrow Airport in 1999 after being frisked by a security guard.

And Courtney Love was belligerent with a Qantas flight crew when she was asked to take her feet off the cabin wall.

The famously ill-temperered Alec Baldwin joins the list of first-class rabble-rousers.