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Woman Stabbed in Anger Management Class

INSIDE EDITION talks to one woman who was allegedly stabbed by another woman in, of all places, an anger management class.

Luna Oraivej was in an anger management class when, incredibly, she says she was stabbbed by an out-of-control classmate.

"I couldn't stop saying, I can't believe she just stabbed me," said Oraivej.

The attack happened at a Bellevue, Washington, building. Oraivej said she was stabbed three times. Afterwards she dialed 911 as blood was streaming down her arm.

Even while calling 911, her alleged attacker was so out of control she continued screaming in the lobby.

With guns drawn, police took the alleged stabber, Faribah Maradiaga into custody. She had been sent to anger management class because police say she had assaulted a teacher. Oraijev was ordered to attend the class for breaking a DVD player during an argument with her husband.

Oraivej told INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero, "I had two stab wounds in my left arm, and then the third one, when she really came in hard, she caught me right in my shoulder."

Anger management classes have been depicted, usually for comic effect, in the movies, most famously in the 2003 Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson movie called Anger Management. But for Oraivej, it's not laughing matter.

Guerrero said, "This seems incredibly ironic that you get stabbed in an anger management class."

"I feel the same way. How does this happen?" said Oraijev.