Falling Ice Nearly Kills Driver

For one driver in Illinois, extreme winter weather took on new meaning when a huge block of ice came crashing through his windshield. Doctors say he's lucky to be alive. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Extreme winter weather across the nation is creating more treacherous conditions for drivers than ever. For one driver in Illinois, a huge block of snow and ice torpedoed the windshield of this Cadillac.

911 calls from the scene of the accident on an Illinois road reported that a man had been horribly injured.

911 caller: "Semitruck went by and all the ice flew through the car and smashed a guy's face. We need an ambulance here bad."

Soon after, Peter Morano was lying in the emergency room with broken bones in his face and tiny shards of glass in his eye.

"I'm looking at the road driving like I normally do and all of a sudden out of nowhere I saw a white bomb coming straight at the windshield. And the loudest noise and most severe pain ever felt as the windshield crashed in against my face," said Morano.

His doctor says his vision may be permanently damaged, saying, "I think it's a miracle that he's here with us today."

Morano was driving to the day care center that his wife owns to prepare lunch for the kids. A block of snow and ice flew off the back of a truck coming from the opposite direction and crashed through Morano's windshield. But with record cold temperatures freezing most of the country, the Morano family just feels lucky that he is alive.

"I thought of my wife and children and worried about them. That was my biggest concern. That's what I wanted to live for," said Morano.

Morano's wife Debbie said, "As bad as this is, and it's bad, it could have been worse. He could have been gone. I could have lost him."