Two Men, One Woman Say Polyamorous Relationship Works For Them

INSIDE EDITION caught up with a modern family of one woman and two men who say their polyamorous relationship works for them.

On the outside she could be any other busy American mom with a two-year-old son named Eamon.

But Jaiya Ma has two live-in lovers and all three are free to date other people, and they do. It's a lifestyle called polyamory, which means many lovers.

Eamon's dad is her live-in boyfriend, Ian. She also has her other live-in boyfriend, Jon.

Ma told INSIDE EDITION, "It's me and two men and we all live together. The men are also allowed to see other women. I'd say for the majority of people their heads kind of spin around like in the Exorcist."

Television shows like Big Love and Sister Wives are changing the way people view families like Ma's. Some 500,000 people are estimated to be involved in multi-partner relationships.

"Monogamy really works for some people. For us it doesn't," said Ian.

Ian, a furniture designer, goes to work each day. Jon stays home, looks after Eamon, and plays Mr. Mom at their spacious home near Malibu, California.

Jon said, "There's a ton of love in the house. It's a pretty beautiful life."

Ma said, "I have a lot of women who say to me, 'Wait a minute. You've got one guy who does the dishes and helps take care of the baby and another guy who goes out to work and helps support the family financially. Tell me how do you get men to support you like that?' "

They sleep apart. Each has separate bedrooms and there's a strict weekly schedule for intimacy.

Both men were present at little Eamon's birth, but he knows Ian is his dad.

"He calls Ian dada and he calls Jon, Jon. And that was a very natural thing," said Ma.

34-year-old Jaiya Ma has been with Jon ten years. Ian joined them four years ago.

"A lot of people think I must have ten lovers. Well, not really. I'm actually very conservative about how many lovers. I'm very picky," said Ma.

She accepts that most people view her family life as bizarre but she says it works for her and her two lovers.

"For the most part, I have it all." she said.