Lindsay Lohan's Playboy Photos Leaked Early | Inside Edition

Lindsay Lohan's Playboy Photos Leaked Early

Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy photos were leaked on the internet before the issue hit newsstands, and reaction is pouring in on the troubled star’s provocative layout. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

It's the first official look at Lindsay Lohan's sexy Playboy spread.

But there's huge controversey today over the layout. It was leaked on the internet by a Russian hacker, forcing Playboy magazine to move up the issue's release date by a full week.

Hugh Hefner tweeted: "Because of the interest & the internet leak, we're releasing the Lindsay Lohan issue early."

The Playboy honcho personally oversaw Lindsay's nude photoshoot. The Marilyn Monroe theme was his idea.

Lindsay was paid $1 million for the shoot, but was it worth it?

INSIDE EDITION's viewers weighed in on Lohan's pictures on our Facebook page.

"I think they've been airbrushed to death," writes Debbie. "They don't even look like her."

"I think she looks beautiful," writes Angelina.