Tiger Woods's Return to Golf: The Sports Event of the Century

It's Tiger Woods's return to golf, and it's expected to be the television event of the decade. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Tiger Woods's return to golf is being called "the sports event of the century."

But will Elin be there? She's been by his side at some of his biggest triumphs.

And recently they were photographed together for the first time since the sex scandal erupted. But despite the photo, their relationship is reportedly still going through "severe ups and downs."

Elin just had a "three hour meeting" with her attorney and he left with boxes of documents, RadarOnline reports.

Woods's return in April is making front page headlines. The Masters Golf Tournament, in Augusta Georgia, is the most tightly controlled in all of golf, with limited media access and well-behaved fans.

"These are the most well-mannered golf fans in the world. This is the perfect place for his re-entry. Augusta is the Vatican of golf," said New York Daily News sports columnist Mike Lupica.

But can he win? He hasn't played competitively in almost 5 months. Olympic golden girl Lindsay Vonn has high hopes for Woods.

"It's tough mentally for athletes to succeed when there's a lot going on. He's always been a tough athlete so I'm sure he'll do it," she tells INSIDE EDITION.

Win or lose, ESPN and CBS, the networks broadcasting the Masters, are expecting a ratings bonanza. Sean McManus, the president of CBS News and Sports, said Woods's return will be "The biggest media event other than the Obama Inauguration in the past 10 or 15 years."