Jerry Sandusky Waives Right to Preliminary Trial

Jerry Sandusky chose to waive his right to a preliminary hearing today, causing more upset to his accusers. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Jerry Sandusky was defiant as he left court, but there was anguish and fury among his accusers. The former Penn State assistant coach waived his right to a preliminary hearing at the last moment, psyching out his alleged victims as they prepared to face him in open court.

Sandusky said, "We fully intend to put together the best possible defense that we can do. To stay the course to fight for four quarters. We wait the opportunity to present our side."

Everything was set for this preliminary hearing, which is sort of like a mini-trial. The ten alleged victims had prepared themselves psychologically for the harrowing experience of facing Sandusky in open court for the first time. So when the hearing was cancelled there was anger and disappointment.

"I am shocked they they would wait until the 11th hour the defense chose that hour to waive this hearing," said one accuser's attorney.

The attorney for one accuser called called Sandusky a coward.

Kenneth Suggs said, "Yeah, I'm calling him a coward. Anyone who would abuse children in this was is by definition a coward."

Another alleged victim wrote of his anguish in a statement read aloud by his attorney:

"I can't believe they put us through this until the last second only to waive the hearing."

Sandusky's defense attorney, Joe Amendola, poured gasoline on the fire, accusing Sandusky's accusers of lying for financial gain.

"Do you realize that many of these young men already have civil attorneys for the lawsuits they are being filed, have filed or will be filed. What greater motivation, and I hate to say it, but it's going to be part of our case and we're checking on it now, what greater motivation could there be than money?" said Amendola.

Amendola also caused a firestorm when he claimed that one of the key witnesses against Sandusky, assistant coach Mike McQueary, is a liar. McQueary claims he saw Sandusky sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy in the showers at Penn State.

"I suggest you dial 1-800-Reality because that makes no sense. That makes no sense," said Sandusky.

And what is 1-800-Reality? It turns out to be a gay phone sex line.