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Children of Fallen NYPD Officer Get Help from Foundation

A decorated NYPD officer was gunned down in the line of duty, leaving behind four daughters. INSIDE EDITION reports on the accused gunman and the foundation that will help the fallen officer’s daughters to continue their education.

Hundreds of police officers formed a Guard of Honor as two daughters of a murdered hero cop strode bravely into court. They came to look into the eyes of one man, accused cop-killer Lamont Pride.

Prosecutors say he gunned down decorated New York City cop Peter Figoski as he fled after a home invasion. His partner, Glenn Estrada, tackled the accused killer. The handcuffs he wore in court are becoming an emotional symbol for cops across America.

"As they were brought into court the one thing in our heart was to know that Officer Figoski's handcuffs were on these perps that walked into this building today," said Pat Lynch of the Benevolent Association.

A career criminal, Lamont Pride should have been behind bars on drug charges, but he was released last month on just $2,500 on bail. He was wanted in North Carolina but could not be extradited because the North Carolina warrant for his arrest was not valid in New York.

47-year-old Officer Figoski was raising his four daughters as a single dad. Now a college fund has been opened in their name. Among the contributors is Katie Couric who was movd by the family's plight just two weeks before Christmas.

But Figoski's fellow cops are bitter over revolving door justice that freed the accused killer.

"We will be here in this courtrioom each and every time to make sure that no mistakes are made by releasing him on the streets again," said Lynch.