Brittany Murphy's Mother Claims Mold Killed Her Daughter | Inside Edition

Brittany Murphy's Mother Claims Mold Killed Her Daughter

Did actress Brittany Murphy die from toxic mold poisoning? That's the shocking claim being made by her mom, Sharon Murphy today.

Murphy's mom claims that her daughter and Brittany's husband, who died within six months of each other were killed by the very same thing. She claims that toxic mold inside their exclusive Hollywood Hills home ended both of their lives.

The petite blonde actress was just 32 when she died suddenly in 2009. The official cause of death was determined to be pneumonia. Six months later, her 39 year old husband Simon Monjack also died from pneumonia.

But Sharon Murphy claims she discovered deadly mold hiding in the walls of their mansion.  INSIDE EDITION took a tour of Murphy's home and found the windows and doors covered in plastic sheeting by the mold clean-up crew.

Her once luxurious mansion lies abandoned and gutted—the mold infested home, unfit to live in.