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Ron Paul Punked by Sacha Baron Cohen in Bruno

INSIDE EDITION looks back at Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul being punked by Sacha Baron Cohen in the movie Bruno. 

Ron Paul is leading a major poll with less than two weeks to go before the Iowa caucus.

The Texas congressman has 28% of likely voters—a narrow 3 point lead over Newt Gingrich at 25%. Mitt Romney is third with 18%. But another just-released poll puts Romney in the lead and Ron Paul in second place.

Ron Paul is everywhere these days, even the Tonight show. But did you know he was once punked by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen?

It happened in the 2009 movie Bruno. Cohen, in character as a flamboyant Austrian fashion designer, does something so raunchy it makes the Texas congressman flee a hotel room.

Alicia Quarles, Entertainment Editor from the Associated Press told INSIDE EDITION, "I kind of always feel sorry for people when they're duped or punked or whatever, but it just proves that the team around better be really strong so that you don't get punked."

Later, Paul was able to see the funny side and even joked about it in a radio interview

"Why in the world didn't I sock this guy in the nose?" said Paul.

But a distrubance at a Newt Gingrich news conference in Des Moines on Wednesday was no joke. Gingrich flinched but quickly recovered his composure as an Occupy Des Moines protestor was removed.

"Put people first! Put people first!" shouted the protestor.

Two other protestors chanted, "Put people first," until they too were hustled out.

As Gingrich left the event there was more heckling.

"Newt, you're not welcome here and we'll be waiting for you in New Hampshire too," shouted a protestor.