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Half Their Size

In the latest issue of People Magazine, learn about how some are loosing half their size. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A stunning beauty pageant contestant is wowing judges in a skin baring swimsuit. This contestant  was once obese!

In one year, Bree Boyce went from 234 lbs to 112 lbs. She lost half her body weight and was crowned Miss South Carolina!

"I don't believe that anybody would have ever thought that this day would come," declaired Boyce.

Boyce is just one of the success stories profiled in People Magazine's "Half Their Size" issue on newsstands this week.

People Magazine Senior Editor, Michelle Tan says, "Each year, year in and year out, it is always one of our most popular issues because it is so inspirational, especially at this time of year."

Angela Mccullough was forced to quit her volunteer firefighting squad because she was overweight. She was tipping the scales at 285lbs. Now, she has lost an astounding 150 pounds!

Also, lets not forget about the guys. 23 year old Tyler Synan was 330lbs before he decided to radically change his lifestyle. He lost 165lbs.

Whenver Synan gets a food craving, he just brushes his teeth. "It doesn't taste as good, so I just give up."

Speaking of weight loss, Snookie has really slimmed down. The reality star had been tweeting pictures of her skinnier self as she celebrated the holidays with her boyfriend. She now weighs just 98lbs, a shadow of the feisty party girl who found fame on the Jersey Shore.