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Caylee Anthony's Medical Examinor Speaks Out

The Medical Examiner who performed Caylee Anthony's autopsy speaks to INSIDE EDITION about the Casey Anthony trial, Caylee and if  she thinks Casey killed her daughter.

The Medical Examiner who performed the autopsy on two-year-old Caylee Anthony is speaking out for the first time since she testified at the murder trial of her mother, Casey Anthony.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd spoke with Orlando Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia.

Boyd asked, "Do you believe Casey Anthony killed her daughter?"
Dr. Garavaglia responded, "I think she had a hand in her death."

Dr. Garavaglia testified that she believe'sCaylee's death was a homicide, even though the jury acquitted Casey Anthony of murder.

"Was there any hesitation writing the word "homicide," on that report?" Boyd asked.

"Oh, none whatsoever, I am absolutely sure that this was a homicide. This is a child that is discarded, she is thrown into the woods behind a rotting log with duct-tape over her face."

Dr. Garavaglia is hosting a New Year's Day special on TLC called, Dr. G: Inside the Caylee Anthony Case.

The special explains the complicated forensic evidence surrounding the case but Dr. G told INSIDE EDITION she was reluctant to do the show at first.

"What do you say to people who suggest that you're profiting from this?"
"I hope never to profit from this and any money I get from that show will be donated to charity."

Dr. G is saying she's never met Casey Anthony, who's now reportedly asking for $750-thousand to tell her story in a TV interview.

"I only wish she told it to law enforcement at the very beginning," says Dr. G.

The coroner says she'd be skeptical about anything the most hated woman in America would say about what really happened to her daughter. "I think there is only one person that could tell the truth of what happened and I don't think she tells the truth."